In Review: “Underwater” really sinks you down with its pacing.

Merriam-Webster defines pacing as “The rate of moving.” Now Underwater does a lot of good things, but Man! do there are parts that seem like they are in rewind. At some points its so bad that I actually began to lose track of what was even going on. Like at times I had to check the minutes cause I could have sworn I had already seen what was happening on screen and that is a big No Bueno. Now you are probably expecting a saving grace to come in and interrupt my distaste with the overall flow of this film. You know what… it does not happen! Some slow films can be saved by great acting i.e. Daniel Day Lewis in Phantom Thread, but this just is not what happens with this film, chief. Even though I will say Kristen Stewart is not terrible but I think she was much better in Charlie’s Angels which is saying a lot. I mean I was a little disappointed because I was getting some real The Descent vibes from the trailer, but it would be a real slap in the face to mention the two in the same breath. In the end, it had a really good cast, some good ideas, but as in Eubank’s film The Signal just poor execution. I am feeling a “C” on this movie what do you guys think?

In Review: Spiderman Far From Home

So what did marvel give us to help fight our Post-Avenger depression……well they gave us the return of the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This time however Spiderman is leaving NY and over seas. This film was pretty mundane but i will say the villain a pleasant surprise. Jake Gylenhaal I thought would be a weird mysterio. However it was not that bad at all, his intro to the plotline was kind of weird but I guess that was expected. I did like him a lot better than the vulture from the previous film but what took the cake for me was 100% the special effects of his illusions. It was a bit of wait to finally see him in action against Spiderman it was not half bad at all. As far as the story line I was glad to see the progression of his relationship with MJ, I just cannot get sold on this spiderman and the ending was opening doors for who knows what. Tom Holland makes a great spidey but I wish at times I did not feel like a 8th grader watching it. I get it….its Marvel and its their vision but I wish at times they would take a Logan approach more times cause that movie is still easily my most favorite movie of theirs even though Thor: Ragnarok is a close close close second. Hopefully in Marvel’s phase 4 films are more of that elk. Anyway enough of me rambling it was a good/not great film. Honestly Into The Spiderverse has been the best spiderman film maybe of all time but that s another conversation lol. I am giving this latest spidey flick a solid B. What about you guys have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

In Review: If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

Barry Jenkins strikes again with yet another beautifully crafted film, which shows how the power love can overcome even the most dire and darkest times. The film itself puts more importance on the story its articulating rather than the actors in the film. Though I must not discount the fact that Regina King is absolutely fantastic, along with some young stars who should use this as a springboard (Stephan James and Kiki Layne especially) . The film itself is essentially the power of black love through the most unloving of circumstances. The film itself really is showing on screen the actual representation of a flower rising through the concrete. The odds that are faced not only between Fonny and Tish, but their families as a whole, and the ability of them to still circle the wagons even when they had every reason not too is truly astonishing. Not many book to films are very well done, but this film is an exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the film itself and it also gave some very good cinematography. A well directed, shot, and acted film. Also if you have not heard the score, then you are missing out! Nicholas Brittle laid down a soothing, yet inspiring score which I am actually playing right now as I type this review. Though the film does have a sense of hopelessness, I left with a sense of hope for Fonny and Tish and their collective future. I have tried not to spoil anything but it is one of those films that you really need to see, and the film does give you that Christmasy feel good vibe. With all that being said I give it a solid A! If you have any comments or if you have seen the movie yourself please comment and give some feedback. I would love to hear your take!

Green Book (2018)

Green Book seems like one of those light hearted films that touches on race relations in a somewhat friendly, happy go lucky manner. This, however, is not the case. The film shows just how subtle and how blatant racism is, but before it gets too unnerving some type of comedic relief is used to keep it friendly and nice. The film is based on Don Shirley, a real life musician who decides to take his musical tour down south during the 1960’s. In need of a driver to get him to his tour dates Shirley hires “Tony” a white Italian from New York. Tony who is at the least prejudiced in a light, is able to catch a glimpse of what its like to be black in America and especially in the South while driving Shirley around to his shows. This experience allows him to redact some of is misconstrued opinions and allows him to essentially to forgo his distasteful stereotypes. The onscreen duo of MahershalaAli (Shirley) and Viggo Mortensen (Tony) is really the saving grace that makes this film a nice movie to watch. Ali is emerging as one of the top acts along Hollywood today and Viggo has a long history of doing solid acting in films. Even though the storyline gets kind of predictable and mundane, the individual performances of the two leads alone makes an enjoyable film that was perfect timing for thanksgiving. I give the film a solid B and if you’re on the fence about it I believe it’s worth pulling the trigger and watching. That’s my take, but tell me what you think about the film or review.

Character Breakdown: Adonis v. Drago- Creed II (2018)

The follow up to Creed adds another hit film to the boxing movie franchises. Michael B. Jordan returns in the lead role as Adonis Creed and his mentor Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is right there by his side. This film takes  look into Adonis’s life as he deals some of the pros and cons that come with being the new star of boxing. In a more personal way it touches on his relationship with not only Rocky but with his pregnant fiance Bianca (Tessa Thompson). The film even reintroduces former Soviet Boxer Ivan Drago (Dolph Lungren) and his protege……who happens to be his son Viktor Drago. Though the film uses the reintroduction of Rocky’s great foe, who is also the man who killed the great Apollo Creed to bait this heavyweight bout. The internal struggle of being content with ones’s own self worth is what challenges him most in this film. Despite having the entire world in his hand, Adonis is left empty. This emptiness and the savage desire to honor is father’s name almost costs him his belt and his life. The ironic part of this is that his counterpart Viktor, is seemingly experiencing the same thing. After gaining fame from almost defeating Creed, Viktor becomes the celebrity for the old soviet nations. This celebrity brings him back in contact with his mother who apparently left after Ivan’s loss to Rocky. This creates a hole in his heart and the only way he thinks he can fill it is by defeating Creed, winning the belt, and restoring his family name. SOUNDS AWFULLY SIMILAR! Unlike Rocky and Drago (Ivan) when they fought, these two have a lot more similar circumstance than their predecessors. Though Adonis has to literally have his demons beaten and trained out of him(At some Mad Max Fury Road looking location). He ultimately gathers himself finds his reason for boxing and defeats Drago in an epic rematch! The fight however brings closure to both characters as Viktor has a truly emotional embrace with his father, who happens to throw the towel to stop the fight, and Creed is able to win the championship but not for his father’s glory, but to be able to start his own life outside his father’s shadow. Though this film doesn’t lend too many surprises and follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, it is still very solid and a good watch! Even though this more of a character assessment and not a true review, I feel like it is worth saying that Steven Caples Jr. did a great job in keeping the Creed ship moving forward and delivering a solid sequel after Ryan Coogler shot the franchise off with a bang! Honestly I hope they leave at two films instead of three, I feel like the ending of this film was more than enough for closure on this franchise. I give the film a solid B+!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the second Creed!?